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For many busy families, and those living in more remote areas, videoconferencing sessions are a game changing option. Finding a way to juggle multiple schedules is a challenge in most households and when you tack on lengthy travel time to and from rural communities, it becomes even more difficult.

With advancements in online therapy, The Peaceful Practice is available to families anywhere within the state of Texas. 

By eliminating travel time and waiting room time (where you spend precious hours sitting while your family member is in a counseling session) we have made therapy more accessible and affordable.

Parent meetings and teen sessions are best suited for online therapy.

Imagine being able to fix dinner while your teenager visits with her therapist from the privacy of your own home, or being able to fit in a parenting coaching session during your lunch break. 

The teletherapy component of my practice was born out of necessity during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Although it was stressful to go from no online sessions to all online sessions over the course of a weekend, the initial kinks in the system have been resolved, and the newest option is here to stay. 


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