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Filial Therapy is a well-researched and evidence based model. It is the art of teaching parents how to use Play Therapy techniques at home. The goal is to utilize the special relationship that already exists between parent and child to bring about growth, healing and positive change.

How can Filial Therapy help?

Strengthen Bonds

Improve Listening Skills

Increase Communication

Grow Confidence

Promote Cooperation

Encourage Peacefulness

Establish Healthy Limit Setting

Diffuse Conflict and Power Struggles

Filial Therapy was developed in the 1960s by Bernard and Louise Gurney and has a long history of effectively helping children and families in a wide variety of settings and circumstances. 

As a participant in Filial Therapy you will learn how to conduct special playtimes with your child for 30 minutes each week.  I will guide you through the process and offer feedback and coaching along the way. These sessions may be held at my office, but doing them virtually is often a more successful approach.  This method allows me to observe your playtime and then discuss it with you immediately afterwards.  

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